n. chemical study of actinism; photo-chemistry.

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  • Actino-chemistry — Ac ti*no chem is*try, n. Chemistry in its relations to actinism. Draper. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • actino- — 1. Chemistry a word element used in compounds relating to actinism or actinic activity, as in actinotherapy. 2. Zoology a word element used in compounds relating to radiate structures, as in actinoid. Also, actin . {Greek aktīno , combining form… …  

  • actinochemistry — |aktə(ˌ)nōˈ noun ( es) Etymology: actin + chemistry : chemistry in its relations to actinism : photochemistry * * * actinochemical /ak tin oh kem i keuhl, ak teuh noh /, adj. /ak tin oh kem euh stree, ak teuh noh /, n. the branch of chemistry… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Actinism — is a property of radiation (particularly solar radiation) that leads to the production of photochemical effects. Actinism is derived from Greek with the meaning a radiant force . The word actinism seems to be used particularly in terms of imaging …   Wikipedia

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  • actinochemistry — ac·ti·no·chem·is·try kem ə strē n, pl tries chemistry in its relations to actinism: PHOTOCHEMISTRY * * * ac·ti·no·chem·is·try (ak″tĭ no kemґis tre) [actino + chemistry] photochemistry …   Medical dictionary

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  • actinometer — actinometric /ak tin oh me trik, ak teuh noh /, actinometrical, adj. actinometry, n. /ak teuh nom i teuhr/, n. a device for measuring intensity of radiation, esp. that of the sun. Cf. actinograph. [1825 35; ACTINO + METER] * * * ▪ chemistry    …   Universalium

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